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More than 1 billion people live in extreme poverty, on less than $1.25 a day. More than 6.5 million children die each year from causes that people in much of the world don’t even think about, like diarrhea, malaria, and tuberculosis. Such levels of poverty and disease cause immense human suffering and contribute to astonishing inequity around the world. Some might say the only response to these problems is despair. In fact, we believe the best response is helping—and determined optimism.


As the largest, most interconnected, most technologically sophisticated generation in human history, Millennials have an enormous opportunity to help create long-lasting change—but so far we haven’t found enough ways to tap into their (or better yet—your) creativity and skill to address the biggest problems in the world. This competition is an attempt to do exactly that. The global creative community has the ability to make Millennials feel connected to global health and development problems in imaginative ways we’ve never seen before.


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Propose an innovative communications concept—a new tool, platform, product…a brilliant storytelling idea—that inspires Millennials to be part of the generation that eliminates global health and development problems for good. Include a clear call to action and a way for Millennials to get involved in these urgent challenges.

These are the types of behaviors your concept should promote among Millennials:

  • Contributing commentary and content about global health and development to fuel existing conversations and inspire new ones
  • Discussing opportunities for change with peers and communities (on and offline)
  • Donating to and volunteering for organizations and projects related to global health and development goals (including but not limited to fundraising)
  • Initiating new communities and networks dedicated to addressing global health and development challenges


Our Audience

Socially engaged Millennials ages 18-34 in U.S., UK, France, or Germany. These nations provide the biggest investments in global health and development around the world and are therefore, places where increased support for development is critical. We invite multiple or single-country concepts.

Measures of Success

Successful concepts will show promise as a way to:

  • Shift Millennial attention to global health and poverty issues, and to their potentially transformative role in helping address these problems in their own lifetimes.
  • Cause measurable increases in the behaviors stated in the brief, above. (The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation tracks these actions along with perceptions of global health and development among the public in the U.S., UK, France and Germany, twice a year.)

What is global health and development?

We define this broadly as: public health and development projects aimed at improving the lives of the poorest and most vulnerable people in the world. Background on the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s global health and development initiatives is available here. This brief treats global health and development as a holistic concept. To help people lift themselves out of poverty, we need to build support for health programs, agricultural development, family planning, better financial services for the poor, and more. It is important for the public to understand that these interventions are all interconnected.


We will not consider concepts that are:

  • Pieces of content without an engagement strategy—for example: stand-alone info-graphics, films, or advertising concepts
  • Dependent on assets, such as celebrities or media partnerships, that you cannot secure on your own terms
  • Dependent on the participation of Bill and/or Melinda Gates or Gates Foundation brand (winning concepts will not be branded as Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation content)
  • Projects focused on raising donations or emergency relief funds
  • Projects focused on influencing legislation or political campaigns for public office


A set of winners will be selected within the next few months.

Winners will be eligible to participate in a grant funding project with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. If they choose to participate, the winners will have approximately six months to develop and pilot their ideas in order to show proof of concept, which is required for phase two funding consideration. Criteria include:

  • The execution of your idea is realistic and achievable—you will need to present a prototype of your concept
  • Your idea has the scope to affect public perception on a broad scale
  • Your team has the capabilities, assets and talent needed to execute the proposed idea successfully

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